Meet the cast of Taking New York

Your guide to who's who in E4's new structured reality show...


Taking New York is the new Channel 4 reality show that delves into the lives of a bunch of Brits living out their dreams in New York City. It’s like Made in Chelsea, but with fewer posh people and more bagels.


So as the show begins on E4 tonight (Monday 9th February) at 9pm, meet the stars of structured reality’s latest offering…


Age: 24

From: Orpington, Kent

Living: In New York for five years, currently residing in Manhattan

Occupation: Creative coordinator

Relationship status: Single

Originally from Kent, Georgina has been living in New York for five years. She moved over by herself for university and studied design and management at Parsons School of Design. She is seriously bolshie and very funny. You really wouldn’t want to mess with her.


Age: 28

From: Melbourne, Australia

Living: In New York for four years. Lives in Brooklyn with Jamie and Danny

Occupation: Model

Relationship status: Single

Ben came to New York via the UK to make his mark on the modelling world. He had previously met Jamie and Danny when they all worked at Abercrombie & Fitch in London and a firm ‘bromance’ was formed between them.

He also knows the twins (Amy and Megan) from working at Abercrombie, though they have a lot to catch up on as, due to Ben’s move stateside, they haven’t seen each other for six years.


Age: 26

From: Brighton

Living: Lived in Brooklyn for a year

Occupation: Curator/art director for a gallery in the Westside of Manhattan

Relationship status: Single

Amy moved to New York after taking a month-long internship at an art gallery to use her degree in Chinese Oriental art. Her work ethic and dedication wowed her boss and as a result she was offered a permanent role. A few months later she packed up her life in London and moved stateside. 


Age: 26

From: Brighton

Living: Trying to move over to NYC, to be near her twin sister Amy

Occupation: Chinese and business graduate seeking to launch her career

Relationship status: Single


Megan had been living back at home in Brighton with her parents, following a three month trip to China to practise her language skills (she’s fluent in Mandarin) when she decided to surprise twin Amy in New York. She and her twin may look similar but they’re pretty different in their attitude to men…