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Complete strangers tie the knot in Married at First Sight UK 2021's new trailer

Married at First Sight UK is returning to E4 later this year with a brand new format.

Married at First Sight UK
Published: Tuesday, 27th July 2021 at 2:00 pm

E4 has released the first trailer for Married at First Sight UK's upcoming series, featuring a judgmental priest, a seemingly-incompatible couple and a whole load of eyebrow raising.


The 40-second sketch sees two strangers make it to the altar as the priest takes them through their vows whilst dropping in various bombshells, from the groom's belief that the world is flat to revealing why the bride has "really been single for five years".

When none of the congregation object, the disbelieving priest asks in disbelief: "Nobody thinks this is a bad idea?" before the couple kiss passionately to the sound of Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You'.

The upcoming series will follow the format of the hugely popular Australian spin-off following a recent revamp, with singles searching for love with complete strangers over the course of 20 hour-long episodes.

In the upcoming episodes, we'll meet eight new couples who'll be coached by relationship experts Mel Schilling and Paul C Brunson as well as the show's brand new sex and relationship therapist Charlene Douglas.

The couples will meet for the very first time at the altar, where they'll make a lifelong commitment to one another at a glamorous ceremony, after which they'll on their honeymoon to test their new marriage. Once the honeymoon is over, the couples will move in with each other and their fellow couples, where their relationships will be put under a microscope by their fellow brides and grooms during weekly dinner parties.

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At the end of the series, each couple will decide whether to recommit to their partner and stay together, or to go their separate ways.


Married at First Sight UK returns to E4 later this year. Check out what else is on with our TV Guide.


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