Married at First Sight continues tonight (Tuesday 19th September) with two more weddings - one of those is the wedding of events marketing manager Nathanial and clinic consultant Ella.


In a preview for Tuesday night's episode, Ella could be seen looking pretty apprehensive as she talked to Nathanial on their wedding day.

While it's not yet known if the pair stayed together after the show, which was filmed previously, judging by Nathanial's comments, it's not sounding good for these two.

Ahead of the launch, Nathanial hinted that he had a better connection with one of the other Married at First Sight 2023 cast members.

Asked if he felt there was someone "better suited" to him in the process, the 36-year-old told and other press: "Yes!"

He continued: "I think there's things about the experience that are really positive that I've learnt and grown and people that I've met, but I think there's two sides of everything. There's a coin and it balances out to be equal."

His comments come after opening up about the issues he's faced due to his sexuality. Nathanial identifies as pansexual, meaning he is sexually or romantically attracted to people regardless of their sex or gender - something he says he's often judged for.

Speaking of why he decided to join the E4 dating show, he said: "I'm a 36-year-old man. I'm Black, I'm queer, I'm pansexual. I feel like there's a lot of doors that close on me with relationships. There's a lot of perceptions of what I am and what I get judged as, and through this situation I just wanted to meet someone - I wanted to meet in such a beautiful way where you could actually see how a pansexual man loves.

"And for the outset of everyone who is watching this show [they] can just see love and forget about the hate and just loving for loving someone."

The 2023 cast of Married at First Sight UK standing together, wearing wedding attire
The 2023 cast of Married at First Sight UK. Channel 4

So was he able to overcome some of these issues during his time on Married at First Sight?

"No. I feel that it's still the same. I think I still get put into boxes and I don't know how I'm going to break that box to get through to people. You cannot judge me for being with a guy once and being with a girl next. It's a stigma that keeps following me and it's something that I'm trying to break out [of] and hopefully on the show it shows a little bit of [a] beam of that."

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In terms of what he learned from his relationship with Ella, 29, who makes history as the show's first transgender bride, he added: "It's really difficult. I don't know how to answer that."

Married at First Sight UK 2023 is on E4 Monday to Thursday at 9pm. Past seasons are also available to stream on Channel 4.

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