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Married at First Sight fans are gutted about shock split in series finale

Jack and Verity broke up three months after their wedding in an unexpected twist

Published: Thursday, 11th April 2019 at 9:14 am

Married at First Sight fans are devastated after the series four finale saw yet another couple reveal they had split up.


IT consultant Jack and office manager Verity had seemed like a great match at first and had announced their plans to stay together, but viewers were gutted to discover the pair had separated three months after tying the knot as complete strangers.

Revealing that the marriage had collapsed and that he didn’t feel a strong enough connection to Verity, Jack said: “The last time I saw Verity was two weeks ago where I decided that we left it there and go our separate ways.

“It was hard making that decision and seeing someone get hurt.

"She is such an amazing girl, but I didn’t have that connection, that missing jigsaw puzzle, unfortunately we didn’t have that.

“I hope we’re still friends by the end of this.

"I know it’s hard now, but I hope we can come through and be friends, I just don’t know if she wants that.”

An emotional Verity revealed to her friends: “I really tried and I thought we were in it together, and were both going to work at it.

“Jack said I wasn’t the one and thought he had given it his all, and that was it.

"We were only together for three months which I think is a drop in the ocean of trying to make it work, and it’s not the outcome I wanted.”

Fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment…

Meanwhile, the other couple on the show – who’d been on rocky ground from the off – ended up getting their marriage annulled, with John delivering the annulment papers to Stephanie in a Christmas Card, no less.

After four series of Married at First Sight, none of the show's couples have managed to stay together.


However, Channel 4 is still hoping more singles will sign up to try the experiment, as a title card after the finale informed viewers that applications are open.


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