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Married at First Sight Australia fans react to Justin the millionaire: "I'm not getting good vibes"

The hit E4 dating show paired Carly with what on the surface seemed like a dream match.

Married at First Sight
Published: Monday, 17th August 2020 at 9:16 pm

Married at First Sight Australia contestant Carly Bowyer had a dream scenario on Monday's edition of the E4 reality show – her new husband, Justin Fischer, was a millionaire. Fans were quick to comment about the marketing manager's luck


"Imagine being matched with a millionaire and having no clue," wrote one.

But viewers very quickly turned against Justin when Carly began to have reservations about his arrogance. It was a "red flag" to her when he told her he always gets what he wants.

If that's so, why are you on a dating show like Married at First Sight Australia, she wondered.

Justin managed to turn things around with his nervous, shambolic speech, which Carly and her bridesmaids found endearing. Viewers, however, were not buying what Justin had for sale.

This fan "was not getting good vibes about him" and thought he simply wanted an heir to his throne. Considering he's only in his 30s, there lad will be waiting a while.

Meanwhile, Married at First Sight Australia fans were quick to point out a major impediment in the other newlyweds Nasser Sultan and Gabrielle Bartlett's relationship – her twin sister, Kerrie.

After point blank asking him some difficult and intimate questions about his lack of children, Kerrie didn't appear to trust Nasser's intentions towards his sister on the hit E4 reality show.

This fan was not impressed at all by Kerrie's line of questioning.

But a number of others on social media thought that impression may have been manipulated by Married at First Sight Australia producers.

Meanwhile, some thought they were well-matched especially during at the altar.

Later in the episode, they shared a kiss, to the approval of some. Gabrielle remarked that she was starting to find Nasser "contagious".

A recurring theme on social media about season five of the Australian version of the dating franchise has been the lack of a spark between the couples. This viewer thought the couples were "nowhere near as endearing as those in the previous series".

But that doesn't mean Married at First Sight Australia fans aren't as compelled as ever by the show. Perhaps the tension is exactly what we enjoy most.

Married at First Sight Australia returns on Tuesday at 7.30pm and continues all week on E4.


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