Love Island’s Olivia and Amber get territorial as new group of girls join the boys in separate villa

And they have reason to be worried...


Things are about to get dramatic in Love Island as the show undergoes what Kem has declared “the biggest twist ever, mate!”


As the male and female islanders are split into two separate villas, a new batch of girls and boys enter the fold in an attempt to test the loyalty of the show’s existing couples – and to mix things up a bit, of course.

But the girls don’t take to it lightly. Well, two girls in particular – can you guess who?

After being tasked with packing their boys’ suitcases, Olivia and Amber decide they will do their best to jeopardise the chances of their fellas stickin’ it on any new islanders.

“I don’t have any [faith]. Have you met Chris? An absolute idiot he is,” says Olivia, adding that she is going to sabotage him by packing his worst clothes.

Amber does the same and makes sure Kem’s clothes all smell of her perfume, adding a pair of her underwear to his case.

The boys open their bags later on only to discover their clothes reek of the girls’ scent. “She is marking her territory,” says Kem.

And it sounds like the two girls are right to worry. “You’ve put in a couple of gems so I’m going to see what happens here,” Kem later tells the Beach Hut, with Chris adding: “There are some fiery birds, I think we’ll have a little bit of fun in here.”

Meanwhile, in the girls villa, Montana is more than a little excited about the prospect of some new blood: “Six strapping lads who have painted on six packs – almost – and these massive biceps just come walking down the stairs… Wakey, wakey. Am I asleep? What’s happening? Christmas came early this year!”

Yes, it did Montana. And you – of all people – deserve it.