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Love Island's Georgia gives her side of the story on break-up with Sam: 'I did spend the night at my ex-boyfriend's house - but in the spare room'

Georgia has countered rumours that she cheated on Sam, saying she “fell out of love” with her fellow islander

Love Island - Georgia and Sam
Published: Friday, 19th October 2018 at 2:12 pm

Love Island’s Georgia Steel has spoken out about her break-up with Sam Bird, saying that she “fell out of love” and that there “was NO third party involved”.


Sam announced his split from Georgia on Twitter on Wednesday evening, writing: “I’m devastated to announce me and Georgia have split up for reasons I can’t bring myself to comment on at the moment. As always I wish her all the best.”

On Friday, Georgia denied rumours that the pair had split because she was unfaithful, saying that although she did stay at her ex-boyfriend’s house, she slept in the spare room.

The Love Island star also explained that moving in with Sam so soon after they left the show and being in the media spotlight made her “feel very trapped”. Despite this, she insists, she was “loyal throughout” their relationship.

The full post reads: "Last night Sam told me he was going to the press so I just want to make clear ahead of any interviews he does that there was NO third party involved in the break up between him and I.

"Sam thinks I cheated because he went through my phone, read and took screenshots of banter I had between me and my best mate which he’s now threatening to sell to the press. The banter was about my ex boyfriend from which he’s then put two and two together and come up with an imaginary scenario.

"I will put my hands up and say yeah I do admit I went round to his house and stayed the night in the spare room but NOTHING did happen. I’m honestly not like that. I went over to collect some things which he had of mine which I needed for the flat and then ended up having a heart to heart as I was very down as me and Sam had been constantly arguing.

"Sam now wants to believe that I did cheat on him but in reality the relationship ended due to the fact I fell out of love. He was a lovely boyfriend and I did really love him but moving in so soon and the public pressure did make me feel very trapped. I gave our relationship everything as I really did want it to work and I was loyal throughout. But you can’t help your feelings. I’m stubborn and I wanted to prove the public wrong about me and him but the reality is it just didn’t work.

"I really do hope he finds the girl for him as he has so much to give and does deserve to find love. And I really hope I find the man for me too in the future."


Sam and Georgia’s decision to part ways makes them the fifth pairing from the 2018 edition of the show to call it quits on their romance.


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