Jonny who?


After those tears that Tyla was bawling out after her on-off other half left the Love Island villa, you'd think that she was utterly heartbroken over having him ripped away from her. He even went so far as to say he'd be waiting for her on the outside. Bless.

Well, Montana's not convinced. She calls out Tyla for being "fake" over Jonny's exit, which is hardly surprising seeing as it took about three seconds after he left for her to cast her eye over Sam and 'the return of the Mug' (aka Mike).

Mike and Tyla have a chat on the terrace in tonight's episode, where she tells him that she isn't going to stand in the way of Mike rekindling things with Liv. To which he says:

"No. Stand in the way please. There is nothing there for me. She said she was going to give me 100 per cent. She didn’t give me anything. I was glad to be out the triangle but it’s a shame I left that same night and you came in after. I left way too soon."

Tyla's response? "I was gutted to be fair."

Mike then tells her that despite being once good friends in the villa with Jonny, "we're in here and you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do." Ahh, lovely. "I do fancy you," he adds. "I’ll tell you straight.”

Later on, Montana is trying to reassure Georgia that she might have a chance with Mike – despite what he's been saying about Tyla. She says:

“At the end of the day, she is a good looking girl but she doesn’t have what you have, genuinely. Fair enough, she is very loud and bubbly and whatever but I don’t think she is very real because clearly all those tears were fake.

“I was very upset when Jonny left and even the next day, I was thinking about it and I was really sad that he was gone and I’m just mates with him. Literally the day after, she was like ‘Jonny who?’”

Meanwhile, Alex later tells the Beach Hut:

“To be fair, I could see Tyla and Mike together. Obviously she was sad when Jonny left on the night and then in the morning she was back to being herself. [It was like] ‘Jonny who? Jonny who?’ which leaves the playing field open for Mike to come in and chat to her.”

Either way, with Sam approaching Georgia to ask about her intentions towards the boys – and seeing whether he has a chance with a recoupling looming – we reckon there's going to be some alrighty mugging off going down in the villa.


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2