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Here's who Laura kissed in that unseen Love Island Snog, Marry, Pie moment

“It wasn’t just a peck on the lips, it was a proper snog and it did raise a few eyebrows..."

Laura Anderson on Love Island 2018 episode 10
Published: Saturday, 30th June 2018 at 11:14 am

Tuesday's Love Island challenge saw the boys and girls asked to choose which of their opposite numbers they wanted to Snog, Marry and Pie.


It resulted in a fair bit of cream in the face for Adam, a reciprocated kiss between Wes and Megan that marked the start of his break up with Laura and multiple marriage proposals for the lovely Dani.

But for some reason there was one result viewers never got to see – Laura's choice of a snog.

While ITV say there was no particular reason why we were only shown Laura's Marry (Wes #awkward) and Pie (Adam) selections, it's intriguing to discover that the boy she decided to lock lips with was – drumroll please...


And apparently it was no simple peck on the lips.

“Things really kicked off during a game of Snog, Marry, Pie," a source told OK.

“Megan annoyed Laura and surprised us all by going in for a kiss with Wes, and he of course repaid the compliment by then also choosing to snog her back when it was his turn to pick.


“Interestingly, though, Laura also shared a snog with Alex, which none of us were expecting!”


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