It looks like tonight could be Nas Majeed’s lucky night in the Love Island villa.


ITV have teased their very first look at tonight’s show, and judging by some very romantic dinner scenes, Nas might have found his girl after all.

In the montage, it’s Nas’ turn to serve his dessert to new islander Demi Jones, who picked him along with Finley Tapp and Luke Mabbott to cook for her.

As he settles down at the table, the sports science graduate reveals that he’s “very excited” to be on the date.

“I’m so excited to meet you too,” Demi sweetly responds.

Ahead of the date, Nas confesses: “I’ve got to pull out my A-game tonight. It’s been over two weeks and this is my first date.”

And it seems like his charm is certainly working, as the clip then shows the 23-year-old lovingly feeding Demi dessert from his spoon.

Commenting on his gentlemanly ways, the 21-year-old style advisor smiles: “Aww look at this already.”

The flirting doesn’t stop there either, with Nas later complimenting Demi on her good looks.

“You’re actually stunning. Fiery, sexy… we’ll go with that for now,” he tells her.

Love Island

Nas’ time in the villa has been pretty unlucky to say the least.

In week one, he coupled up Siannise Fudge, however, his plans to woo her weren’t exactly successful.

The pair ended up having a few heated discussions – one over Nas not being able to pronounce the beauty advisor’s name correctly, and the other where Siannise insisted she wasn’t leading him on.

Nas then decided to couple up with Jess Gale, who had suggested to him she would like to get to know him.

However, he ended up recoupling with Siannise as part of a friendship couple.

So, could Nas have finally found the one? We hope so!


Love Island airs nightly on ITV2 at 9pm