Last night’s episode of Love Island was a truly action-packed episode, seeing the final goodbyes of several islanders (including heartbreaker Adam), a heart-racing dance competition and a series of blazing rows that look set to continue over the coming days.

However, the thing that perhaps had most people talking was a simple kiss. Why? Well, during a date with fellow islander Jack Fowler (that’s “new Jack”, not to be confused with the original Jack Fincham, who’s coupled up with Dani Dyer) newly-single islander Georgia planted a smooch on the semi-pro footballer.

So the question of the hour became – did Georgia go in for a kiss when Jack was going for an innocent peck on the cheek? And did she then pull him back for a second one that he rebuffed? Or was is a mutual kiss that Jack was now lying about? ('s Love Island expert Frances Taylor is siding with Jack).

Lines were drawn, obscenities were screamed and the islanders were divided. Meanwhile, at home viewers were fairly sure they knew what had happened – but others saw things from Georgia’s perspective.

But of course, we at home had an advantage the islanders didn’t – we could watch the footage over and over, and it did seem to largely support Jack’s version of events.

However, as others pointed out the footage still wasn’t irrefutable evidence.

Still, at least we can all agree on one thing – this NEVER would have happened with a Video Assistant Referee on the case.

Fingers crossed they send one into the villa before things kick off even more.

Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9.00pm on Sundays-Fridays