Love Island fans furious with Leanne over “disrespectful” Mike comments

Could this be the end for Mike and Leanne?


It looked like things were going well between Love Island’s Leanne Amaning and Mike Boateng.


Despite a few wobbles – one of which took place when Jess Gale chose  to couple up with Mike in week one – you would have thought the couple were on the way to becoming one of the strongest in the villa.

You might want to think again, after last night’s episode.

Fans of the ITV series were left in total shock, after preview clips aired of tonight’s episode, showing Leanne making some “rude” comments about a male islander.

It seemed like the 22-year-old was talking about Mike – who she’s currently coupled up with – as she told the girls she didn’t want the man in question to touch her or kiss her, saying: “I’ve got the ick!”

And viewers were less than impressed, as they took to social media to voice their concerns.

“Leanne are you alright?” one simply asked.

“The way Leanne has no respect for how decent and lovely Mike has been to her is actually so s**t. Saying she doesn’t even want him near her,” another said.

“Leanne talking about Mike behind his back to the girls is disrespectful,” a third wrote.

“Sorry but how rude is Leanne, the look on Mike’s face,” one commented.

Some questioned whether Leanne’s comments could be a misunderstanding due to show editing, with one writing: “Me praying that the clip of Leanne is down to very strategic editing and not her genuinely being trashy.”

However, the majority were convinced the customer service advisor was indeed talking about Mike, with “Nah Leanne” trending on Twitter.

It comes after the islander expressed her doubts and hinted she wanted to end the relationship earlier in the episode.

Following Connor Durman’s departure, Leanne could be heard telling the girls that the experience had given her a “kick up the bum” and she no longer wanted to “waste time” in the villa.

We guess only time will tell what happens between Leanne and Mike…


Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2