Bringing six new (plastic) babies on to Love Island was always going to cause chaos, but Dr Alex describing a C-Section in minute detail before spectacularly falling and flinging his baby from its pram was definitely more than we could ever have hoped for.

The annual baby episode certainly delivered as the babies' arrival got the boys feeling broody. New Jack, Old Jack and the rest of the boys decided to ask Dr Alex what it's actually like delivering a real human being into the world.

The response they got was....probably more graphic than they would have expected.

Alex described making an incision, cutting through the fat layer and literally tearing the muscle and the uterus in order to deliver the baby.

Jack Fincham on Love Island
Jack Fincham on Love Island (ITV)

And much like Jack, viewers were simultaneously fascinated - and horrified.

After speaking about such heroics in the delivery room, Alex then delivered one of the most hilarious moments of the whole series.

With the girls away, the boys decided to have a bit of a muck about, having races with their babies around the villa's garden.

As Jack and Alex went up against each other, Alex tripped and fell on the paving - sending both himself and his baby Ella Louise George flying to the ground.

The hilarious moment did, however, get people reminiscing about the baby challenge in last year's series of Love Island...

Before the episode, fans were fondly remembering Chris and Olivia's little baby Cash.

We reckon Alex crashing to the ground and undoubtedly sending his baby to A&E just about tops Chris's tears for Cash. Just...

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