“I can’t be with a liar” – will Love Island’s Dani and Jack break up over THAT lie detector test?

Don't do this to us, Jani!


However questionable it was for viewers, the Love Island 2018 lie detector test has kicked off a major argument between Jack and Dani.


Although we saw the fan favourites clash briefly during Monday’s episode, it’s set to get even nastier in Tuesday night’s instalment.

The drama starts just after Dani stormed off after confronting Jack about some of his results – remember, he apparently lied about not being tempted by other girls outside the villa.

Firstly, Jack vents to the Beach Hut about the situation: “Imagine you keep saying something to somebody and they’re telling you you’re wrong and you’re lying. Just giving me the hump. What is the point?”

Meanwhile, Dani reveals she’s having doubts about Jack and his former laddish ways. “Obviously with Jack, ever since I’ve been in here, it hasn’t been easy the stuff I’ve always heard from the outside,” she tells Laura and Alexandra. “I don’t want my boyfriend’s head to be turned. Does any girl?”

“I can’t be with a liar,” she adds.

The pair then kick off again during another confrontation in the bedroom. Berating Dani for their earlier argument, Jack says, “You went about it wrong, I’m sorry, and then you stormed off, I’ve never stormed off from you.”

To which Dani replies: “Maybe you deserve better then.” Which doesn’t go down well with Jack, who responds: “That is the most dramatic thing I’ve ever heard.”

Dani ends the spat with a simple “Go away”. The pair then sleep in the same bed – without cuddling. DUM DUM DUMMM.

Fortunately, things might – just might – get better for the pair, with Dani wanting to reconcile the situation. She explains to Jack why she was dwelling on the loyalty section of his lie detector test. “Of all the questions, I don’t care about any of the other ones,” she tells Jack. “That one is so important to me.”

Jack appears to give a more measured response than the night before. “The only thing I can say to you is that when we leave, you’ll see that you have nothing to worry about,” he says. “I love you, want to be with you and I want to have a family.”

Will those words be enough to rescue Love Island’s longest-standing relationship? Will Jani be back to their usual reasonable selves soon? They better do it quickly – the final is only a week away…


Love Island continues 9pm tonight, ITV2

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