Last night Malin Andersson was voted out of Love Island and her boyfriend (oh yeah, they’re ‘real world official’, folks) Terry Walsh was quick to say he was leaving with her.

This in Love Island terms is known as ‘doing a Rykard’ after the former contestant ditched the show when his beau Rachel Fenton was voted off.

"Don't get upset. I'm coming with you ain't I? I'm packing too and I'm coming with you. I'm not staying without you,” Terry insisted. But… he didn’t. He stayed.

So Terry’s now in the villa on his own. Albeit technically in a relationship, with Malin confirming they’d agreed they were together: “I’ll be glued!”

So let’s get to know the lad again…

Name: Terry Walsh

Age: 28

From: Surrey

Occupation: Carpenter

Entry into the villa: Voted in by the public alongside Kady McDermott.

Likes: Cheese toasties – and don’t you dare cut it up for him.

Also likes: his fresh t-shirts to be left alone and not worn in bed by his girlfriend when he wants to wear them that night. OK?!

Cocky claim: “I'd say I had a 98 per cent success rate with women in Ibiza [he was a VIP host in the party town].”

Celeb crush: Emma Bunton. Apparently ‘Baby Spice’ has always stuck in his mind.

Villa reputation: Terry’s become one of the contestants’ main advisors. He’s got plenty to say on who should couple off with whom and why.

Current relationship status: Terry and Malin are in an ‘official’ relationship after Malin ditched – ironically – Rykard for Terry when he arrived. Malin’s got her doubts, though: “I did not expect to meet Terry at all. I’ve won in that way... if he doesn’t bloody cheat on me!”

Love Island continues nightly at 9:00pm on ITV2