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How to apply for Love Is Blind season 2? - Here's everything you need to know

Here's how you could be on the next series of Love Is Blind...

Published: Wednesday, 25th March 2020 at 1:25 pm

Looking for love? Well then now could be your chance at finding your happily ever after like Lauren and Cameron, as Love Is Blind are looking for contestants for the next series.


Following the huge success of series one of the Netflix dating show - which sees couples dating and getting engaged without seeing each other in the flesh - series two and three have now been confirmed.

And casting for series two is happening as we speak in Chicago.

So, how can you get involved? Here's everything you need to know...

How to apply for Love Is Blind

If you think you have what it takes to find love in a pod, all you have to do is head over to and fill out an application form containing 46 steps.

Potential contestants must be over 21-years-old to apply, which is the legal drinking age in the US, and you won't be able to go ahead with the application unless you can first prove this.

From here, the form is pretty straight-forward, asking questions such as your height, sexual preference, date of birth and so on.

As well as this, you must include one of your best face photos, a full body picture and links to your social media profiles.

As it is a dating show, potential contestants are also asked some more in-depth questions about their relationship status, including whether they've been married or divorced before, and if you have any little ones at home.

Get ready to sell yourself, as the application asks more personal questions about you and why you think you're a "good catch".

All contestants must be able to take three weeks off work or other commitments for three weeks.

Good luck! You could come out of it with a ring on your finger.

Where is Love Is Blind filmed?

The first series of Love Is Blind was filmed in several locations.

While we saw the couples jet off to Mexico after getting engaged, they first spent 10 days in specially built pods, which are located in Atlanta, Georgia – an area known for its TV and film manufacturing.

The couples are said to have met in these pods at the Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayetteville on October 9, 2018.

Casting for series two is taking place in Chicago, however, Coelen has already confirmed that the infamous pods still remain in the custom-built set where we first met our season one couples.

So the show could well be making a return to its original location...

When is series two out?

A release date hasn't been confirmed just yet for Love Is Blind, but what we do know is that it's definitely happening.

Netflix confirmed the news on their official Twitter page, as they updated fans on some of their shows.

Alongside an image of Japanese consultant Maria Kondo, of Tidying up with Maria Kondo, they wrote: "Some News: Love Is Blind ~and~ The Circle have each been renewed for TWO more seasons! @iamcardib @chancetherapper & @Tip are back to judge Rhythm + Flow Season 2! Marie Kondo and her team will set out to tidy up a small American town in the new series, Sparking Joy!"

We can't wait!


Love Is Blind series one is available to stream on Netflix now. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide.


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