Things got pretty heated on the Love Is Blind reunion, after Amber confronted Jessica about her behaviour on the show.


Back in 2018 when they filmed the wild dating series - which sees couples dating and getting engaged in pods without seeing each other - Amber and Jessica both found a connection with Barnett.

Barnett went on to propose to Amber, after falling out with Jessica, but that didn't sit well with Jess, 35.

Straight after their fall out, she told Amber that Barnett wanted to "propose" to her, and even when she got engaged to Mark, she continued to flirt with Barnett on the trip in Mexico.

And Amber wasn't having any of it as they reunited on the episode which aired on March 5.

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Speaking of LC, who also got on well with Barnett, Amber revealed that the two women had come to a "mutual agreement" not to discuss their dates with him.

However, Jessica hadn't used the same "girl power".

"She [LC] was very respectful," she said as she projected her voice towards Jessica and continued: "So Jessica coming out of left field and telling me that he proposed to her that night."

But perhaps what was most interesting about their discussion is the look on the other contestants' faces, as they struggled to hold back their feelings during the spat.

As Amber continued to vent, the camera flashed to Jessica, who was sitting by a slightly giggly Kelly who struggled to keep her face straight.

The couples were then played the scene of Jessica telling Amber about Barnett, at which point Amber snapped: "To see her throwing herself at him in Mexico, b***h you’re shiesty!"

Clearly catching the shade, Diamond quickly turned to face the other direction, as Lauren pulled a face and Cameron buried his head in his hand.

“You’re so fake. Coming to my face like we were cool, you're so fake.I think you’re very disingenuous person," Amber then said.

But while Jessica kept a completely straight face (we gotta hand it to her she did good), the others couldn't help themselves.

"I hope seeing this you do grow from this, because that is not what the world needs, women going behind people's backs like that. You were engaged to another man that you were leading on. He was engaged. He made his choice," Amber said as Barnett squirmed beside her.

As Amber laid into Jess, her hubby lifted his head up to the ceiling to stop himself from laughing out loud.

Amber then continued: If you still have feelings for my husband, and you're engaged to my friend, the least you can do is be honest with everyone about where you are at," as the camera turned turned to Mark, who was doing his best to keep it cool.

Despite saying her piece, Amber wasn't hearing what Jessica had to say when presenter Vanessa Lachey asked if she'd forgiven her.

Smirking, as she rolled her eyes and held on tight to Barnett's hand, she replied: "I accept the intent behind the apology, but I can't be fully there yet," to which Jessica replied: "And that's ok."

But as we (and Carlton) know, when someone says everything's "ok", it probably isn't.

The celebrity assistant put on his best attempt at minding his own business, as he crossed his hands and turned to the hosts.

We'd do the same!


All episodes of series one Love Is Blind including the reunion are available to stream on Netflix now