Lauren Murray talks “disgusting online bullying” after X Factor row rumours

Rita Ora's singer says the show has been an "eye-opener" for what life could be like in the industry

Lauren Murray says X Factor has given her a real insight into just how “disgusting” online bullying can be. 


Rita Ora’s singer found herself the subject of online hate, which went as far as death threats, after it was thought she’d had an altercation with girl group 4th Impact during last Sunday night’s results show. 

Lauren was to seen to ‘push’ the band aside after they’d made it through to the next round, but Lauren explains she had simply been supporting fellow singer Ché Chesterman, who had ended up in the sing-off with Anton Stephans

“I think more than anything it’s an eye-opener into how online bullying is so disgusting,” Lauren told, admitting she’s had death threats as a result. “Honestly, it’s absolutely ridiculous. I was so shocked about how one tiny thing can get so blown out of proportion. Even 4th Impact were so upset about it because they were like, what is going on?” 

“Some of the stuff that people have been saying has been – I don’t know where people get it from,” she added as she set about preparing for this weekend’s quarter final show, during which she’ll take to the stage to sing two different songs

Of whether she’s able to brush aside the criticism, Lauren said: “You have to just ignore it. I’m in a competition, I’ve got so many other things to think about. If I think about these people that I’ve never met, who don’t know anything about me, are judging me from one tiny thing…

“I was just supporting Ché, that’s the saddest thing. People always have to turn a positive into a negative. At the end of the day it’s them not me. I’m just doing what I came here to do and that’s singing,” she added.

And while Lauren’s put herself on a social media ban until she’s out of the competition, she admits it’s tough to ignore everything.

“It’s so hard to do. Especially for girls. Girls cling onto the negatives, you always do. If you read something bad about yourself, you’ll always remember the bad thing not the positive. In this competition, if you’re not upbeat, I just don’t know what you’re going to do. There’s so much going on, you’ve just got to keep going. And it’s a taster into what it would be like if you did make it.”

So has it put her off a career in music? 

“I think everything’s got ups and downs. It’s how you deal with it. Just get on with it. Otherwise you’d be upset everyday.”

As for this weekend, Lauren has been suffering with the flu, which has seen her back on voice rest as well as having to pull out of a mid-week gig. But she’s ready to push on. 

“All I can do is do my best now. That’s what I’ve done the whole competition. I’ve just got to keep going.”


The X Factor continues Saturday and Sunday at 8:00pm on ITV