Lauren Murray bemused by X Factor quitting rumours: “The house isn’t prison”

"Everyone loves a bit of drama but it’s not EastEnders, it’s X Factor and I haven’t gone anywhere," says Rita Ora's category member

X Factor’s Lauren Murray is bemused by all the talk of her quitting the show this week.


The singer chose to sleep at home a few nights this week, rather than at the contestants’ house, prompting many to speculate she’d left the show. It followed her obvious distress at seeing close friend Kiera Weathers leave the show last week, as well as the shock exit of Seann Miley Moore. Lauren chose not to appear on ITV2’s Xtra Factor as she was too upset. 

But she’s surprised it’s become a “massive thing”.

“Everyone’s made a big deal out of this. You are allowed to go home. It’s not a prison,” Lauren laughed to ahead of this weekend’s movie-themed week, which will see her belt out Gladys Knight’s Licence to Kill.

“I went home for a few days just to see my family. That’s it. Somehow it got made into this massive thing. It’s a big experience. I had a couple of days chilling at home. I’ve been at the [contestants’] house every day, I’ve just slept at home. I’m back now.”

“Everyone loves a bit of drama, but it’s not EastEnders, it’s X Factor and I haven’t gone anywhere,” she added.

Lauren, who’s part of Rita Ora’s Girls category, does admit last week’s double elimination was a tough one to watch.

“I was definitely gutted about Kiera, and Seann as well. Those two I was really close to in the house. Me and Kiera were literally like sisters. We did LA together, Six Chairs, we were living in bunk beds together. I was definitely gutted about that, but it’s part of the show, the show’s got to go on.”

“I’m enjoying it,” she said of the overall experience, which this week will see her performance involve fireworks, lasers and smoke. But she said it can be tough.

“I’m not going to lie and say it’s all amazing. It is difficult at times and there are things where I need to adjust. I was just a normal person. I was a receptionist and I came to audition. It’s going to take time to adjust. It’s all part of growing in this industry. This is how it’s going to be. It’s a lot to take in.”

Lauren isn’t backing herself for the win, however. 

“Honestly, I hope Ché wins. I would buy Ché’s album. That is something I would buy. I adore Ché, we’re like brother and sister. I hope he does really well. He deserves to go far.” 


The X Factor continues Saturday and Sunday at 8:00pm on ITV