Made in Chelsea is back for another jam-packed season filled with gossip, drama and plenty of romantic connections.


The reality series returned for its 27th season earlier this month, and resolved plenty of questions that were left unanswered after the explosive Made in Chelsea: Sydney season that aired late last year.

With the return of usual cast members, there has been the introduction of some new faces, including Jack Taylor, the younger brother of James Taylor.

Among the newcomers is Julia Pollard, although her friends call her Muffin. As she makes her way onto screens, here's everything you need to know.

Who is Julia 'Muffin' Pollard on Made in Chelsea?

Tristan and Julia on Made in Chelsea. They are looking at one another whilst smiling. Julia is wearing a red dress and has her hands place on her knees whilst Tristan is wearing a black shirt.
Tristan and Julia on Made in Chelsea. Channel 4

Age: 21

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Instagram: @juliafp_

Job: Unclear

Location: Battersea

Nicknamed 'Muffin', Julia Pollard is among the new cast members on the latest season of Made in Chelsea.

Ahead of her appearance on the reality series, Julia has been described as "loyal, cheeky and friendly" and will "always hold her own and stand up for what she thinks is right".

As this is Made in Chelsea, there is always romance on the horizon, and that could be said for Julia, having been single for the last year.

Jasmine 'Jazz' Saunders is a close friend of Julia and hit it off after meeting through mutual friends.

In her spare time, Julia enjoys going to the gym, meeting the girls for an Aperol, partying and flirting!

Made in Chelsea returned to E4 at 9pm on Monday 15th April.


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