Jamie Vardy voted FIVE times for wife Rebekah to do Bushtucker Trial on I’m a Celebrity

We partly have Jamie to thank for seeing Rebekah eat sheep’s anus on national television

Rebekah Vardy I'm a Celeb (screenshot, EH)

Footballer Jamie Vardy has admitted to voting five times for his wife Rebekah to do the vomit-inducing Bushtucker Trial on I’m a Celebrity.


Wednesday’s episode saw Rebekah and Toff undertake the Worst Dates trial, where they were tasked with eating live bugs and animal genitalia.

“Bex’s face when she finds out that I voted for her 5 times on the app to do the eating trial,” wrote Jamie on Twitter.

“Sorry babe just wanted everyone to see that you’re fearless & you proved me right.”

She certainly did. The duo tucked into meal worms, fish eyes, crickets, cockroaches and a spider. Lowlights were Rebekah eating sheep’s anus and Toff munching on a bull’s penis. Wow.


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