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I’m a Celebrity recap Day 4: Toff scoffs fish eye, bull's penis and pig's brain - and two yummy new campmates are unveiled

Plus, Rebekah Vardy chomps on a mouthful of bugs and Stanley Johnson naps on an exercise class

Published: Thursday, 23rd November 2017 at 7:58 am

Day four in the jungle and with Jack Maynard’s shock departure from the camp yesterday, the celebs are due a period to reflect on the sudden exit, right? Wrong. Wednesday night's episode introduced them to a stomach-churning Bushtucker Trial, 'dunny' juice and a brand new twist…


Rebekah Vardy ate a sheep’s anus

And the crack of lamb was only one of nine courses that the footballer’s wife had to chomp down on alongside Georgia Toffolo on the Worst Dates Bushtucker Trial (which sadly featured no cameo from Fred Sirieix in outback gear). Firstly, Toff had to spoonfeed a blindfolded Vardy fermented duck's egg soup, a scene that brought back some fond Harry Potter memories…

The task also saw Toff munching on “delish” fish eyes, worms and a bull’s penis and pigs' brains, while Vardy was served up ‘vomit fruit’ and an ostrich foot. This led to a meal packed with dribbling, gagging, swearing, burping, retching, crying, spitting, sucking, more retching, the sentence “you’ve got a bit of butt on your lip” and whatever on earth this face was…

But despite managing to polish off all the courses listed above, the pair only won eight meals out of nine for the camp after failing to eat the following dish in their allocated 45 seconds: five dead crickets, five cockroaches, one hawkmoth and one huntsman spider. It sounds gross, but this was all cooked up (we’re presuming by a failed MasterChef contestant) with a side of asparagus, tomatoes and lemon slice. So...yum!

Jamie Lomas opened up a camp gym

Because the critters weren’t already making camp life tough enough, the Hollyoaks star decided to subject the celebs to a vigorous jungle exercise regime. Well, we say regime, we mean a few push-ups on a log, sprints to the toilets and, urm, were those chicken impressions?

But as appealing as Jamie’s gym looks, we’ll be signing up to Stanley Johnson’s training programme instead, which kicked off at the other end of camp at the same time. No equipment, membership fee or even consciousness required, as StanJo himself demonstrates here…

Toff got doused in dunny juice

Now, we’re not saying it was a particularly non-eventful episode, but one of the highlights last night was watching Toff clean the camp toilet. And she got some of the waste on her leg. And then she called it "dunny juice".

That's it. That's really all that happened.

Moving swiftly on…

Try to look surprised: two new campmates are heading into the jungle

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the arrival of a new pair of mystery campmates. And they are – DRUM ROLL, PLEASE – not actually a mystery at all. As everyone already knew, talkRADIO presenter Iain Lee and MSP Kezia Dugdale will be joining into the jungle tomorrow night.

But there’s a problem: despite the forewarning, nobody seems to know who they actually are…

To find out more about the new campmates, you can have a flick through their profiles pages or wait until tomorrow to see them both in a Bushtucker Trial with a twist: all celebs – yes everyone – will have to take part in The Battle Of 10 Downing Creek challenge.

Will this task split the camp in two with old Tory Johnson and Scottish Labour (for the moment) politician Kezia Dugdale leading each clan? Or could Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn pop in to host the Bushtucker battle? Only time can tell...


I’m a Celebrity continues on ITV at 9pm on Thursday


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