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It's X Factor Movie Week next Saturday... and Seann Miley Moore planned to do a Bond theme

The axed X Factor 2015 act will never be able to give us his James Bond performance. Frankly, we’ve all missed out… logo
Published: Monday, 9th November 2015 at 12:00 pm

Seann Miley Moore’s shock exit from X Factor last night is one thing, but now finds out he was pondering a Bond song for next weekend’s ‘Movie Week’. The fact we will never see that performance is frankly a loss to us all.


Imagine the vocals. Imagine the outfit.

“Double eliminations, what the hell? My God, I just wanted to get through next week,” Seann said. “I really wanted to do next week. It was Movie Week. I really wanted to do either Bond…” he started, at which point I made my frustration clear he wouldn’t get to perform it.

“I’m gutted. I’m raging,” he joked.

Would it have been Sam Smith's Spectre theme tune Writing's On The Wall? Seann wouldn’t dish. “Stay tuned, maybe I’ll be in the next Bond film...” he laughed.

Seann also admitted he’d have used his next performance as a response to Simon Cowell’s claim his song choice – The Mamas & the Papas’ California Dreamin' – on Saturday night was “lazy”. Not that he thinks performing in six inch heels with a wind machine and floor length kimono was a walk in the park.

“If he thought it was lazy maybe he was thinking it seemed easy, effortless," he said. "Then I did my job because it was hard! At the beginning I kind of tripped on my shoe a bit and I was like, 'Don’t fall!'”

But Seann says he could have done more to use his staging as a way to engage with people watching at home.

“Simon said it was lazy and I get that, I felt that I was very indulgent in myself. It’s not about me anymore; it’s about the bigger picture. It’s my voice off stage, inspiring the younger generation, fighting for a better tolerant world and I think I have a voice for that. It’s not about me. That’s lazy, I have to fight for the bigger picture.”

Nick Grimshaw opted to send last night’s vote to ‘Deadlock’ as Seann went up against fellow Boys category member Mason Noise (Seann was the more popular choice among the other judges).

Seann said he understands: “I felt bad for Nick. It’s like Sophie’s Choice. I was like, ‘Nick, you put me through!’ But at the end of the day, all of the boys were a brotherhood. Bit of a crush on Ché, so cute, that voice…” he added before getting back to that vote. “You can’t pick if it’s your kids. It is what it is, the show must go on.”

Seann revealed he and Grimmers had a bit of a cry backstage after last night's show and then shared a Corona. “A beer with a straw,” he quickly added, “because of this lippy…

"Nick is so hands on, wonderful and the thing is with me he got me, accepted me and that’s a wonderful thing. He let me fly for so long. People would be like, 'We don’t get you' or 'Change yourself', he was like, 'Yes yes I get it, let’s go' and that’s a wonderful thing. Don’t change and let’s fly. I might not be your cup of tea, I’m coffee babe."


The X Factor continues Saturday and Sunday on ITV


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