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Is romance blossoming between Andrew and Shane J/Courtney Act on Celebrity Big Brother?

Are they friends - or is it something more?

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 - Andrew and Courtney / Shane Jenek
Published: Monday, 15th January 2018 at 12:19 pm

No series of Celebrity Big Brother would be complete without a will they/won't they romance.


We had originally thought that story belonged to Ashley James and Ginuwine, but it looks like another romance is hotting up in the CBB house. With their shameless flirting, in-jokes and longing looks it seems like this year's house romance is actually between former Apprentice star Andrew Brady and RuPaul runner-up Shane Jenek/Courtney Act.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018
Celebrity Big Brother 2018 (C5)

Right from the start, the pair hit it off. On the second day in the house together Shane gave Andrew an unbelievable transformation into Betty Swollocks and the duo were very quickly bonding over binding as they laughed at Andrew taping up his bits - and then screaming in agony as he ripped it off afterwards.

Since then, the pair have been almost inseparable and have flirted constantly. But is it just banter or are there genuine romantic feelings there?

The housemates aren't quite sure if it's friendship or more yet. In the Diary Room on Sunday night's show, Daniel O'Reilly said: "I think Courtney fancies Andrew. But if you watch, when Courtney is Shane, Andrew don't fancy soon as Shane becomes Courtney it goes from 'you alright?' to 'you alright?'"

Shane also revealed if he'd been asked by the housemates if he fancied Andrew, to which he had told them "yeah...but not like that".

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 - Andrew and Courtney / Shane Jenek (C5 / PicSelect)

It's not surprising that rumours in the house are swirling about the pair's are they/aren't they relationship. Endless late night deep-and-meaningfuls to having a secret handshake and playing pranks on Ann Widdecombe together, their connection often feels more than friendly.

They also shared a bath together - where Shane actually shaved a bit of Andrew (don't worry, it was only his leg).

Andrew and Shane had a heart-to-heart in Sunday's show where Shane said that he'd told Big Brother and everyone else that the pair were "having fun being friends" and that they were "normal people having good times".

Shane then added: "There's no funny business going on so it's not like there's actually anything going on..."

But whilst he was saying this, Shane was looking a little sheepish and seemed to have less conviction in what he was saying than normal.

"But like I said to them why can't a gay boy and a straight boy just be friends and have a good time?" Shane continued. "Why does there need to be a further implication?", as Andrew replied "exactly."

Their conversation concluded with Andrew saying: "And if you do fancy me, that doesn't change how I feel about our friendship. It doesn't freak me out."

"And if you fancy Courtney, that doesn't change how I feel about our friendship," interjected Shane.

Their chat ended with a hug and with Andrew saying: "It's all good, alright? We'll just carry on having a good laugh and letting people think what they want to think."

"Hear hear!" said Shane. "Let them eat cake."

And then after all of that, the episode ended with Shane and Andrew looking rather tipsy, running around the living room, trying to pull each other's trousers down and having a huge pillow fight.

Something tells us their story is far from over...


Celebrity Big Brother airs 9pm on Channel 5.


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