Love Island's Tyla has said that she's giving Jonny one last day to change - and if he doesn't, she's going to finish it because she's "bored".


We never thought we'd say this. But we're feeling just a teensy bit sorry for Jonny right about now.

Despite the couple kissing and making up in last night's episode, a fresh drama hits the villa today when Tyla says this to Gabby about Jonny:

"He’s a very mature guy. I can be mature but I can also find my inner child… if nothing changes today, I’m just going to finish it because I’m just bored… I need someone with a lot more energy, someone who is going to wear me out a bit, run about and chase me. Do stupid immature stuff.”

Meanwhile, Theo is being conveniently "stupid" and "immature" as the Islanders cheer and clap him while he sprints across the garden and jumps into the pool.

Later in the Beach Hut, Jonny says he's "not feeling" being in the villa and that he's basically a bit "fed up". Speaking about the emerging triangle between himself, Tyla and Theo, he says:

“If she is as into me as she has told me she is, she should be putting a bit of a barrier up with Theo and there shouldn’t be any touchy feely playtime, there shouldn’t be all these long winded conversations. It’s the sort of thing I wouldn’t do, I don’t think any other girl in this place would do it either. If Theo had picked Montana at the recoupling, she wouldn’t be acting like this with him I guarantee it.”

And Tyla reminds us yet again that she's just after a 'playful' relationship – something she decides to tell Theo, of all people.

“I’d mentioned a few things to [Jonny] before how I need someone to be really playful and I don’t think much has changed. I feel like he’s quite in the background and I’m not like that. I need someone to be my partner in crime.”

As if Theo's head wasn't big enough already, hearing this made him sprint up to the Beach Hut (well he is on Team GB) to say he now reckons his odds with Tyla have narrowed significantly:

“I did come in 500 to 1 on my first day, no chance at all but I think my odds at the moment, are still not amazing but I reckon it’s come down to 33 to 1. I’m a bit of a gambler.”

Jonny has certainly felt his dose of karma over this whole situation, that's for sure. Now we're hoping that new girl Georgia will decide to leave Kem well alone and make a beeline for Jonny. Especially after Montana imparts this sage advice to her:

“You should be open minded and maybe spend some time with Jonny. I’d rather couple up with Jonny over Theo any day.”

You said it, Mon.


Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2.