Dennis took on the challenge Iain couldn't complete, the campmates took a rank taxi to the pub and Vanessa took her leave...


Return to the Temple of Gloom

Last week Iain took on this underwater challenge and seriously struggled, using up a whole tank of oxygen in the first air chamber and making several failed attempts to grab a star before being forced to pull out.

So when Dennis stepped up there were direct comparisons to be made and the “very small man” made quick work of the narrow underwater tunnels, picking up all eight stars and winning a meal for his campmates.

You’d think he'd be sick of the sight of eel but when Jamie and Jennie transformed one into fish and chips everyone was just happy to enjoy a taste of home.

Speaking of which...

An evening at the Jungle Arms

Another trial and more rewards as the celebs were split into two groups and successfully endured a taxi ride with a whole host of critters – including some giant snakes and spiders which had Amir screaming like a little girl. Again.

Their destination was local pub the Jungle Arms where they enjoyed cold beers, bar snacks, chips, pizza – and karaoke, with Jennie and Iain both impressing with their vocal talents while Vanessa was drowned out in her duet with Dennis, who definitely sounds better underwater.

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