Who knew the breakout star of I'm a Celebrity would be football manager Harry Redknapp, who’s kept us captivated with tales of his hapless exploits, random fun facts about himself and a special kind of Harry wisdom...


Day 19

Harry has a water bed

Noticing that Harry was struggling with his mattress, the legend that is Nick Knowles layered up two mattresses for him to lie on.

Harry mentioned he was struggling with sleeping in the jungle as he had a water bed at home.

I’ve had it a long time, I had bad back problems and it’s been amazing.” He laughed when Fleur asked: “Does it give you good motion in the ocean Harry?”

"I have noticed me and Sandra are drifting apart," he joked.

Day 16

Harry's never even heard of Toy Story

When faced with the challenge of matching famous quotes to the movies they appeared in, Haryr confessed that he's not been down the pictures since he was courting his wife Sandra in the 1960s.

As a result, he says he's never even heard of Woody, Buzz and co.

True story.

Day 13

Hot-headed Harry still loves his campmates

After the Roos narrowly lost out to the Galah's, a feisty Harry reminded camp it was "dog eat dog" as the jungle crew battled it out against immunity.

But despite sniping at winner Nick Knowles, Harry told his campmates that he loved how they accepted him into the showbiz world he didn't feel he was from.

"I thought it was going to be difficult, but I’ve felt so at home and loved every minute for being around you all," he said in tonight's emotional after-dinner speech.

"I want you to thank you for making me feel welcome in your world of showbiz, even thought I don’t know what you’re going on about half the time. I love you all."

Day 12

He's never done a jigsaw puzzle

Harry felt he might be at a distinct disadvantage when taking on the Dreaded Dash's puzzle element because he'd never actually done a jigsaw puzzle before. His dad just wasn't into buying them, apparently.

Day 11

When Harry was in the SAS he learned to go a week without eating

At least that's what he genuinely convinced Rita Simons to believe when she was complaining about the fact that John Barrowman wasn't cooking enough rice.

He then revealed that he'd been pulling her leg, but we could honestly have fallen for it hook, line and sinker ourselves.

He's well 'ard is Harry.

Day 9

He's missed jam roly-poly as much as he's missed Sandra

Harry's been banging on about the food in the jungle since he first arrived, genuinely quite taken aback that there wasn't a burger van lurking round the back of camp.


But when Rita, John and James won 10/11 stars for their fellow celebs to have a banquet (with the ever-noble Nick Knowles choosing to opt out the dinner on the behalf of the camp) it seems Harry was reunited with his one true love after all, after there was a generous helping of jam roly-poly and custard on the table.

"My old nan used to make it, it was a taste of my childhood really," he later explained his love for the sugary pudding. "It brings back good memories, you know?"

Get a man who loves you as much as Harry loves jam roly-poly.

Day 4

He's the next Robert De Niro

The rest of the campmates were seriously impressed with Harry's Oscar-worthy acting skills, after he tricked them all into thinking that they'd answered Kiosk Kev's Dingo Dollah question, leaving them without any treats — until he nipped back into the jungle and produced a tray of cheese and grapes!

Oh Harry, you joker.

"I would like to get into acting," Harry said. "I could see a Robert De Niro part for me, you know?"


After mastering the football field, it looks like Harry's now got his eye set on adding another trophy to his mantlepiece...

He can floss!

Despite having no idea what 'flossing' is — bless him — Harry easily mastered the dance move when Fleur demonstrated it for him.


"That man’s got rhythm mate, on and off the pitch," Fleur said. Go Harry, go!

He loves his wife Sandra — and we all got a bit emotional


We already know that Harry loves his wife Sandra (we can ignore that time he ran her over back in 2016). But chatting to Fleur and Sair, he revealed that usually when he's away, he'll call Sandra ten times a day.

“She’s my life, you know?” he said, revealing he thinks he loves Sandra "too much" as he doesn't know what he'd do without her.

“We just get on so well. I can never wait to see her.”


Day 3

He's still not sure about the food

We already know that Harry was hoping for cheese rolls, bacon sandwiches and a catering van during his stint in the jungle.

But he's been opening up to the group about his culinary habits. "Occasionally I'll go across the road from where I live and have a bit of scrambled egg on toast," he mused, adding: "I know a steak and kidney pie."

More like this

It's fair to say his palate is traditional English fare so much of the jungle cuisine is new to him – including quail which Harry thought was... a fish.

He met his wife at a nightclub called Two Puddings


We already know Harry once managed to accidentally run over his wife Sandra. But things took an altogether sweeter turn on day three in the jungle when he told John Barrowman how the pair first met – 54 years ago at an East End nightclub called the Two Puddings.

Out with his "mate Macca" – a "good looking geezer" who played for West Ham – Harry spotted two lovely looking girls...

"I look back on it now and think Sandra must have seen us both coming over and thought ‘I hope I ain't got him’ (referring to himself)... and she went for me. 54 years later we’re still going strong. And Macca ended up as an undertaker so really Sandra had the better deal in the long term.”

Day 2

He absolutely loves a cold shower

Harry Redknapp loves a cold shower. Like, really loves one.

Harry Redknapp I'm a Celeb (ITV)

“Even at home, I’d have a cold shower,” he said. “Before I go to bed, I have a cold shower. It makes you feel good.

“I have them a few times a day, it makes me feel better.”

Of course, that makes the freezing cold jungle waterfall perfect for Harry. “I love it, it’s brilliant!" he enthused as tried it out. "I enjoyed that!”

So did we Harry, so did we.

He's got absolutely no sense of smell

He might have a nose for sniffing out a good player on deadline day, but the football manager himself has no sense of smell – making him the ideal dunny cleaner.

“I have no sense of smell, I can't smell anything,” he said. “Cleaning the dunny out? Easiest job in the world for me."

Harry Redknapp (ITV screenshot)

“I’m happy to do it because I’m no use with the cooking. That’ll be my job. Harry the s*** shoveller.”

For those not in the know, Redknapp lost his sense of smell after being involved in a road accident in Italy, 1990, breaking his nose, fracturing his skull and cracking his ribs.

His wife's got a cute little nickname for how useless he is

“When I’m at home, my wife calls me Mr Pastry,” Harry told his campmates. “Mr Pastry was a bloke that whenever he had a job to do, he’d just mess everything up. And that is me.

“We bought one of those jet thingies to clean the car, and I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll water the flowers.’

“But I just cut a load of them clean off. I could see my wife staring at me from the window.”

He doesn't know a royal even when he's sitting right next to them

Even if Redknapp is not crowned King of the Jungle, he’s been up close and personal to the real royal family – even if he didn't know it at the time.

“I went to physio in London,” he began. “I turn up in the waiting room, reading the Evening Standard, there’s two fellas over there, stretching.

“Suddenly, one of the guys, I hear, ‘Hi Harry!’ I look up, say, “Alright, mate,” and carry on reading the paper. I thought, I know him from somewhere – did he used to play for me? Who is he? I go up to the girl in reception and say, is that who I think it is? She said, yes, it’s Prince Harry.

"I’ve gone, 'alright, mate', and kept on reading the paper. I thought, 'oh no.'”

And Prince Harry is not the only member of the royals he’s met, after having dinner with son Jamie alongside another Windsor.

“I went for dinner with this girl and I didn’t catch her name,” he said. “She told me her gran loved horse racing and won the Gold Cup at Ascot.

“I thought, ‘her Gran must have a couple of quid on her.' Turns out it’s the Queen, and I’m sat with Princess Beatrice.”

Day 1

Harry once ran over his own wife in his car

Just moments after joining the red team, Harry explained to DIY SOS presenter (and unlikely Twitter stud) Nick Knowles that he once seriously injured his wife of 51 years, Sandra, when he accidentally ran her over in 2016.

The freak road accident left Sandra needing an operation on her ankle.


Speaking candidly, he explained, “I used to think I was a good driver but I had a nightmare and ran over my wife one day.

"She got out the car and I thought she’d crossed the road and I pulled forward and she fell into the road and a bus stopped literally yards away and the most amazing part of the story probably, my grand-daughter is sitting on top of the bus and sees all of this.


He genuinely thought there would be a jungle catering van

Harry, who admits he'd never watched an episode of I'm a Celebrity before entering the jungle, seemed genuinely surprised that the only food he'd be getting would be lowered down to camp in a basket.

“I thought maybe there’d be a cheese roll,” he said in the Bush Telegraph. “I thought there was a caravan round the back here where they were doing bacon sandwiches.


"There will be a, 'Ok, ok time out, let's all go round and have coffees, bacon sandwich, sausage sandwich, alright back on set' but no that ain't happening is it?"

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