I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Create your own Bushtucker Trial

Ever wondered what it's like to do a Bushtucker Trial? Now you can (sort of) find out what Ashley, Eric, David and Charlie are going through by whipping up your own essential jungle "feast"

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Having a TV dinner in front of I’m A Celebrity is a high-risk strategy. It can go one of two ways.

The most likely scenario is that you’ll be put off your supper. Already in this series we’ve seen the contestants stomach everything from ostrich anus to dead stick insect, baked spider, camel’s toe, lamb’s testicle and fermented duck egg – swilled down with a mug of pulverised ants. Not ideal suppertime viewing.

Of course, the other scenario is that the jungle food puts a positive spin on your own dinner. Perhaps I’m A Celebrity is actually the best TV accompaniment to a meal – because, if you were taking your shepherd’s pie for granted, then I’m A Celebrity is a stark reminder of just how joyous mince and potatoes are in comparison to scavenging cockroaches from the jungle floor.

The jungle food has had quite a big effect on this year’s celebs. Their early inability to win any stars left the camp in a sorry state and the tabloids were awash with gossip about the state of starvation. Brian Conley’s weight-loss was apparent before he bowed out of the show – and after scrupulously examining before and after snaps of Flanagan in the shower, the dailies announced that she’d lost so much weight that her bikini was noticeably looser…

So, perhaps it’s a little mean to sit in front of I’m A Celebrity with a nice, hot dinner. Instead, why not empathise with the campers, and whisk up this plate of worms instead. Not only do they make plump and squiggly snacks, but when it comes to watching the Bushtucker trials, try dropping one down the back of whoever’s sat on the sofa next to you, and watch them squirm!

Cranberry Worms
(Makes a bowlful)

750ml cranberry juice
15g gelatin sheets (6 sheets)
15g coconut cream
40 bendy drinking straws
Cooking string 

  1. Pull out the bendy, concertina part of the straw, so they’re stretched out as long as possible. Use cooking string to tie the straws into two bunches of 20. Stand each bunch in two tall glasses.
  2. Divide the cranberry juice between two saucepans (375ml in each), and bring to the boil.
  3. Crumble the coconut cream into one of the saucepans, and stir until it has dissolved.
  4. Meanwhile, soak the gelatin sheets in water. Take the pans off the boil. Wring out the gelatin sheets, and stir three sheets into each pan of warm cranberry juice.
  5. Pour the coconut cream and cranberry mixture into one glass, and then pour the plain cranberry juice into the other glass. If the straws start to float, place something on top to keep them submerged.
  6. Leave the glasses in the fridge overnight for the cranberry jelly to set.
  7. One by one, dunk each straw into a glass of warm water for a couple of seconds, and then carefully squeeze out the jelly onto a plate to create a big, juicy mound of squiggly worms.

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