The secrets and lies in the I'm a Celebrity camp continued on day 12.


But instead of illicit strawberries, it was all about a secret club, winning immunity and sneaky trials on the side.

Here's everything that happened on Thursday night:

Strawberry-gate pt. 2

Who knew strawberries could be so contentious?

For the second day running, talk in the camp was all about Amir and Iain so crudely eating the hard-won snack after yesterday's Dingo Dollar challenge.

But who was to blame? "I know that Amir wouldn't do that," Jamie said so confidently as Dennis told him to drop it and Jennie said she just couldn't work out what happened.

Iain Lee and Amir Khan on I'm a Celebrity
Iain Lee and Amir Khan on I'm a Celebrity (ITV Pictures)

Soon though, Amir was firmly back in the fold mucking about with the lads while Iain had to make do with sitting solo by the fire, rueing the day he ever gobbled that forbidden fruit. Amir's take on the whole thing? "Iain seemed really down and I don't know why." Really, Amir? REALLY?

Anyway, unsurprisingly Iain couldn't take it any longer and confessed all to Shappi, knowing full well that she would most likely run around the camp 10 seconds later gathering people in gossipy little huddles and revealing the full dirty truth. Which is exactly what she did. Case closed.

Toff and Amir were initiated into Fright Club

What is the first rule of Fright Club? Don't talk about Fright Club. The second rule of Fright Club? Always be on the look out for phones when you have a shower.

Amir and Toff were initiated into this secret club. Instead of going straight back to camp, they went to Snake Rock where they would attempt to win immunity for some of their campmates.

But to get there, they had to take on Kiosk Keith's Outback Refreshment Shack.

Blended flies and scorpions, goats' liver, cow heart ("really really bland"), pig testicles and even camel's teats were just some of the delicious shakes that Amir and Toff had to face - and they both gave incredibly impressive performances in the trial. Well, when they weren't perving on Kiosk Keith's legs.

Both Toff and Amir essentially entered into a gag-off, where one would gag after the other downed a cup of blended crocodile anus or vomit fruit. Yep, this is what 7 million people are tuning in for every night, folks.

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Anyway, they not only won all but one of the meals for camp, but they also won immunity for one campmate.

Tasked with picking new members, they chose the discreet and level-headed Dennis and Vanessa for a secret mission, and when Dennis went to have a shower a phone popped out of the wall and filled him in on Fright Club.

It meant that both he and Vanessa had to then proceed to blindly lie to their campmates' faces. Which is apparently fine when you're on a proper secret mission. Not so fine if you've just guzzled a carafe of cream on the sly...

Dennis Wise gave Jack Bauer a run for his money

Dennis Wise on I'm a Celebrity 2017
Dennis Wise on I'm a Celebrity 2017 (ITV)

The concentration. The sweat.

This is a man who, faced with buckets of cockroaches being tipped on his head, is such a hard nut that he actively took his goggles off.

After such dogged determination, Dennis - with a bit of help from Vanessa - managed to poke his very long stick (that's not a euphemism) through a hole and get the key during their secret task to win immunity for another of their campmates.

But judging by his expression you'd have thought he was actually diffusing a bomb in 24. And it was genuinely just as tense - if not more so...

Who's doing the Bushtucker Trial tomorrow?

After a vote - in which Toff, Amir, Dennis and Vanessa were all immune - the public voted for Jamie and Rebekah to take on Grot Holing on tomorrow night's show.


I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV.