Hunted’s Ben Owen quits Channel 4 series

The ex-military sniper was a key hunter on the series for five years


Ben Owen, lead hunter on reality series Hunted, has announced he’s leaving the Channel 4 show.


Shortly after the tense end to the cat-and-mouse contest’s fifth series aired last night, the former military sniper announced on social media he was retiring from the show after five years. In a statement, Owen thanked his fellow Hunted team for their “support and the memories”.

Peter Bleksley, the man who held the position before him, was among those sharing his support online.

The fifth series finisher saw four fugitives evading the hunters and making their way to the extraction point in Anglesey, Wales.

The episode even saw a proposal, with contestant and gym owner Dan Ryde getting down on one knee for partner Hayley Morrison.


Before joining Hunted in 2015, Owen served in the RAF as a Gunner, then went on to join the MOD as an operational officer specialising in intelligence. He played a key role in “Operation Overt” in 2006 which saw the catching of East London bomb makers.