GBBO’s Nadiya is still reeling from her Bake Off victory: “I don’t even drink and I feel trollied”

The 2015 Bake Off champ told Chris Evans she had absolutely NO CAKE at her victory party and revealed where she'd been hiding her trophy

She stole the nation’s hearts and reduced Marry Berry to tears so it is any wonder Bake Off’s new champion, Nadiya Hussain, feels utterly exhausted?


“I don’t even drink and I feel trollied” the full-time mum from Leeds told Chris Evans on his BBC2 Breakfast Show this morning, “I’m exhausted.”

Hussain, who watched the final with her family and “lots of children” told Evans that she’d trained them all to be compulsive liars in order to keep her victory – which was filmed back in June – under wraps. And she went to great lengths herself too, keeping the trophy hidden until the episode aired.

“I only got it out yesterday at 9 o’clock, not before” she told Evans. “It was wrapped in newspaper and then I did a Russian doll thing where I put it in a suitcase in a suitcase in a suitcase, and then hid it under my bed at the end of June and it’s just only come out.”

“I might need therapy just to fix myself now,” joked Nadiya, who put her passion for baking down to the high school Home Economics teacher who inspired her to take it up after praising her puff pastry making skills.

And though she may have been crowned the nation’s best amateur baker, Nadiya didn’t want any cake at her big Bake Off victory celebration: “I’ve had enough now, just for one night, I haven’t baked any cake” she said.

“And nobody brought any cake round?” Evans queried. “No they didn’t”, Hussain replied, “my mum just cooked lots of curry.”

Well Nadiya, we’d never say no to a curry and a joyous night in front of the TV either.


The Great British Bake Off returns next year. You can apply to be a contestant here