Steve-O's gone and Mike Tindall's secured a golden ticket to the final. It's all been quite dramatic over on the Austrian ski slopes, with celebrities speeding along, down, under and into the snow for our entertainment.

So ahead of Sunday's semi-final here's The Jump story so far, from Steve-O's elimination back to the very first episode where Tindall managed a better ski jump than any of last year's competitors...

Episode 6 – Ski Cross, in which we say bye to Steve-O and Tindall gets lucky

Jackass's Steve-O is the latest competitor to leave the show after failing to fly as far as Jon-Allan Butterworth in a live jump-off. A much luckier Mike Tindall went all Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and got a golden ticket to the final after scoring the fastest time for the ski cross event. Made In Chelsea's Louise Thompson took a tumble, and in rather dramatic fashion. And with many of the remaining contestants being athletes, things got very competitive indeed...

Episode 5 – Bobsleigh, in which Lady V leaves and Davina talks lots about '"ball bags"

It was a goodbye to Lady Victoria Hervey as she tied with Jon-Allan at the top of the middle jump, and he beat her in the Bobsleigh race. The socialite had been struggling, and The Jump's trainer was seen bemoaning the fact that she was difficult to teach – "I'm really struggling with how to make her understand". Meanwhile, the local mayor drew competitors using numbered balls – giving host Davina McCall ample opportunity to delve around his "ball bag" – and there was a reality star face-off between Joey Essex and Louise Thompson, the latter recording the slowest time and forced to take on the jump, landing at an impressive 15.5 metres.

Episode 4 – Parallel Slalom, in which Stacey Solomon has a decent attempt at battling an Olympian

Former X Factor contestant Stacey Solomon found herself in a live jump off after losing her race against Paralympian Jon-Allan Butterworth. She landed a 13.5 metre jump, but was outdone by Made In Chelsea's Louise Thompson and fitness expert Chloe Madeley who leapt 16 metres apiece, Olympian Louise Hazel who jumped 15 metres and Jackass star Steve-O who clocked in an impressive 17 metres.

Episode 3 – Snow Cross, in which things get brutal and Louie Spence is eliminated

The 12 remaining celebrity competitors took on new winter sporting event, the snow cross. Louie Spence and Jodie Kidd were eliminated (with the grace and style you'd expect from a dancer and a model) from the competition in another new round, the air jump, which saw each competitor zip down another slippery course to a ramp, which flung them up into the air as they tried to get their skis the highest off of the ground. Don't worry, there was a nice air bag for a soft(ish) landing.

Episode 2 – Women's Skeleton, in which Heather becomes the first below-the-knee amputee to attempt a ski jump

Louise Hazel won the skeleton, and Louise Thompson (15.5m – the furthest jump of the night) and Lady Victoria Hervey jumped to victory securing their place in the next round of The Jump. But Heather Mills and Ashley Roberts failed to fly far enough and found themselves eliminated from the competition. It was Heather who made the headlines, becoming the first below the knee amputee to attempt a ski jump, made all the more impressive by the fact she was doing it on a borrowed leg after breaking her own custom jump leg in training.

Episode 1 – Men's Skeleton, in which Gogglebox's Dom Parker heads back to his sofa

There was lots of testosterone in the frosty air as the first episode focused on the men battling it out head to head in the skeleton, and Phil Tufnell and Dom Parker hung up their ski goggles as they failed to make it through. Steve-O set a new Jump record for men's skeleton, hurtling down the track in just 43.15 seconds, beating last year's man Richie Neville who covered the course in 44.81 seconds. And Mike Tindall laid down the gauntlet with an impressive jump – at 18m, he leapt further than any of last year's competitors.

...and that's everything you need to know! Bring on the semi-final, beginning on Sunday at 7pm on Channel 4