Eurovision and Electro Velvet singer Alex Larke would “love” to do Strictly Come Dancing

Larke is one half of this year’s UK Eurovision entry and quite likes the idea of hitting the Strictly dance floor, too

Electro Velvet may be carrying the UK’s Eurovision hopes on their shoulders, but that hasn’t stopped singer Alex Larke considering some other projects. In fact, the crooner admits he would be up for a spin on BBC reality show Strictly Come Dancing.


“I’d love to do it,” Larke told at this week’s Eurovision send off party. “I think I’d do alright.”

This is probably where we should make some joke about him being really good at the Viennese Waltz. Eurovision is taking place in Vienna…  anyway. 

Larke thinks he’d fare well if pitted against his band mate Bianca Nicholas, but later laughed, “She’d probably turn out to be really good”.

Having a bash at a Tango certainly has greater appeal for the singer than a stint on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! “I wouldn’t want to eat bugs,” Larke admitted. Bugs is usually the least of their worries, so it’s probably best he steers clear.

Reality shows aside, Larke is obviously keeping his focus on Eurovision and the future of the band (there’s another single in the pipeline). In fact, in true British spirit, the duo revealed they’re the only competitors to have attended all of the pre-Eurovision parties. I mean, that’s got to count for something, right? And while they were standing in the Austrian Embassy, in front of the Austrian Ambassador, they rather smartly chose Austria as their favourite location so far. Good work. We can’t get nil point now, right? Right?


See the first Eurovision Song Contest semi-final Tuesday 19th May at 8:00pm on BBC3