This year’s UK Eurovision entry Electro Velvet haven’t been together very long – eight months and counting – but they’re impressively confident about their chances.


“You enter a competition because you want to win and that’s what we’re going to try to do. We’re going to work really hard – all we can do is our best and just enjoy it,” says Bianca, with the spirit of someone not yet crushed by the sound of "nil point" ringing in her ears...

“We’d been together for a few months before it came to Eurovision," adds Alex, the other half of the vocal duo. "We were going to be writing some songs together, then our mutual friend David Mindel got in touch and said ‘Guys, I’ve got this song, do you want to sing on it? We’re going to enter it into Eurovision.’ We loved it and jumped at the chance and that was it. We’re well acquainted – don’t worry...”

The pair are flying the flag with an electro swing track entitled Still In Love With You, and are confident it’s going to make a mark – even with the UK’s wobbly (to put it nicely) track record.

“There’s a slew of ballads this year. I do think our track will stand out,” says Bianca. “It’s also the 60th anniversary year, so it’s a party song for a party year. I think we’re different and we’re really looking forward to it.”

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Alex is certainly a competitive soul, saying they haven’t got their eye on anyone in particular; they simply want to beat “all of them”. Yep, we'd kind of like them to do that too, if only to hear the shock in host Graham Norton's voice.

An expected worldwide audience of 180 million isn’t worrying them either. “I can’t wait, the more the merrier!” gushes Alex, who himself performs as part of a Rolling Stones tribute band, as well as teaching music in schools.

Saturday night’s reveal after The Voice was all the more poignant for Bianca, who auditioned last year and failed to get past the chair-turning blind audition stages.

“I think I picked the wrong song, but it was a really positive experience. I got to perform in front of a massive crowd and I realised that I really enjoyed that and that sort of prepared me well for Eurovision.”

Here's hoping no one sits with their back to her this time...

“Fate has dealt us a wonderful hand,” says Alex, who points out that they wouldn’t be here today if Bianca had continued with The Voice.

“The coaches all told me not to give up and to carry on," adds Bianca. "I think they’ll be pleased for me."

The pair will head over to Austria later this month, and say it’s a relief not to have to keep their involvement a secret anymore.

“It’s been a very long six weeks,” admits Alex. “I don’t think either of us are very good liars either,” laughs Bianca.

“You can’t keep doing ‘all day shopping trips’ and not come back with anything. It was quite a challenge.”

Let's hope the same applies to Eurovision; we can't keep coming back with nothing... right?!

Eurovision takes place on 23rd May in Austria