Dancing on Ice: things get hairy as Samia Ghadie is knocked out

In "prop week", the Corrie star and her partner Sylvain Longchambon just miss out on a semi-final spot after the judges' skate-off votes go to Luke Campbell

The Samia Ghadie and Sylvain Longchambon love show on ice has come to an end, after the duo lost the skate-off to boxing champ Luke Campbell and partner Jenna Smith. Joking that Samia’s “picked up a few things” along the way, giving a nod to the pair’s rumoured romance, presenter Phillip Schofield teased the Corrie actress into admitting that they will continue to be “friends” and “stay in touch” now their time on the show has finished.


In a desperate bid to ramp up the drama, Phillip fussed over Samia’s initial disappearance from the results show, as she was being treated for a groin injury, although we should probably count ourselves lucky there were no crude joke attempts there from ol’ cheeky Phillip.

After getting through the skate-off with some almost visible teeth-gritting, all four judges, Karen Barber, Ashley Roberts, Robin Cousins and Jason Gardiner, voted to save Luke, although they said Samia could leave with her head held high after two solid performances.

Props week proved to be a good challenge for all of the celeb skaters, who cleverly weaved their given items into their performances without any dropping incidents. Keith Chegwin, who was voted out last week, joked on Twitter that he was gutted he wasn’t there to show off his moves with his pogo stick (oo-er!), but instead it was left to Beth Tweddle with a hula hoop, Matt Lapinskas with three hats, Luke with a skipping rope, Samia with a hairdresser’s chair and Gareth Thomas with a rugby ball, all giving a little nod to their usual day jobs.

Skating legends Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean took to the ice again this week, with their very own prop in the form of Jools Holland and Rumer, who performed from the safety of dry land – Jools in spandex would probably have been a bit much for a Sunday evening. It seems Jayne thinks she’s at the Oscars, with a whopping three dress changes throughout the show – each of course more sparkly than the last.

The judging panel was all a bit sweetness and light again this week, after last Sunday’s show which saw Jason lose his cool with Luke, telling him he had an attitude problem (although this could have had something to do with Luke wearing boxing gloves a mere few meters away from Jason). Jason even gave some 9s, with former Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts getting the claws out again to bring some of the overall scores down.

Jason also taught us a new word this week – hairography. Flinging your hair around while dancing actually has a purpose and you’re really supposed to work at it, who knew? This of course provided Phillip with ample opportunity to poke fun at Jason for having the most expensive head of hair in the whole building.

Props week also gave Phillip, and up-and-coming cheeseball Christopher Dean, lots of chances to whip out the clichéd jokes. While Luke was apparently hoping to ‘hop, skip and jump’ his way into the final, there was no ‘sitting around’ for Samia and Gareth proved he was ‘good with balls’. We bet those guys simply had a riot flexing their creative muscles when coming up with those gems.

While they were busy worrying about their next one liner, surprisingly some of the pro-skaters were nervous this week, particularly in Gareth and Robin’s case, as Robin had never actually held a rugby ball, let alone flung it around while on ice. Even Jason joked he was more concerned each time Robin had the prop, rather than Gareth – although, as we all know, Gareth sure knows where to put a ball, eh?! Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, Phillip.

Perhaps Sylvain’s dexterity with a hairdresser’s chair in his performance with Samia gives an indication as to why his hair is so long and lustrous this series. He could do some good hairography with that mane (ten points to us for managing to get that into a sentence!) and maybe even line up a role alongside Samia in Corrie’s hairdresser’s. Oh, just imagine how many times Gail would blink if she was getting her rollers put in by him!

Matt continued his climb back up in confidence after his fall a few weeks ago, earning the highest score of the series with all four judges giving him a 9. We just need a few 10s now guys.


Samia’s departure leaves last-woman-standing Beth Tweddle – along with Matt Lapinskas, Gareth Thomas and Luke Campbell – in the semi-final next weekend.