Name: Luke Campbell

Age: 25

Twitter: @luke11campbell

Famous for: Boxing

Bio: As part of Team GB, Luke won a gold medal for boxing at the London 2012 Olympic Games in the bantamweight division. Before making his presence felt in Stratford, the Hull-born pugilist had also achieved medals in the EU, European and World Amateur Championships.

Taking part in Dancing on Ice might well prove risky for Luke, however, as he fears that a fall on the ice could end his in-ring career. He recently said: “It’s scary but it’s one of those things. I knew what I was getting into when I signed up.

“I was a bit worried about my wrists because you need them for punching. I’ve been wearing wrist protectors but they got in the way when I was lifting my partner.”

But no matter how worried he might be about his wrists, Luke’s confident that the Dancing on Ice crowds won’t phase him. He said: “I’m used to performing –so not worried about that - every time I enter the ring it’s a performance and nerve wracking, but it’s the nerves that give you that great adrenalin.”

See Luke in action below: