Ché Chesterman forgets words to Adele’s Hello during live X Factor quarter final

Rita Ora says she wouldn’t have touched the track, as Cheryl and Olly Murs jump to Ché's defence

Ché Chesterman forgot the words to Adele’s Hello during his performance on tonight’s X Factor quarter final show.


Nick Grimshaw’s final Boys category member was notably shaken as he fought to get back on track, losing his way early on in the song.

Judge Rita Ora admitted she personally wouldn’t have taken on Adele’s smash-hit (although it was chosen by the public, so it wasn’t all on Ché).

“As a singer I would never have done Hello. For me that’s an untouchable record.”

But she couldn’t deny his ability.

“Your instinct meant you actually made that song your own […] It threw you off that you lost track, but you can’t deny your vocal,” she added.

Cheryl defended the singer saying it happens to the “best of people”.

“We’ve watched Beyoncé tumble down stairs [“Madonna with the cape,” Simon Cowell added]. You still stood there and performed. I feel like you had the wind knocked out of your sails last week [after being in the bottom two]. It’s not personal. Your vocal is undeniable.”

Cowell too picked up on his shaken self-belief.

“Ché, it was a killer song, it should have been a fantastic performance. It wasn’t. You did lose your way. You have lost your confidence a bit.”

He then went on to comment on Ché’s outfit saying he hadn’t made enough effort.

“I don’t mean this rudely, at this point in the competition, you’ve got to develop your own style. You look like you’ve just come from work, turned up at X Factor and sang a song. Overall, star power, it’s just gone a little bit.”

But Ché’s mentor Nick Grimshaw had his back.

“I’ve got a really good idea, we could get you some really high trousers and a low v-cut t-shirt and wear the same thing every week…” he laughed, mocking Cowell’s signature look.

Ché himself said: “It’s been weird the last week. I should have picked myself up. I should be ready by now.”

But co-host Olly Murs had some kind words: “I’ve sung lyrics loads of times and completely lost my way,” he laughed.

“I didn’t even notice,” Caroline Flack added with a grin.


The X Factor continues tomorrow night at 8:00pm on ITV