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Warring Celebrity Big Brother duo Natalie and Hardeep go head to head in first eviction

Friday will see either the comedian or the controversial reality star become the first to be evicted from the house

Natalie Nunn / Hardeep Singh Kohli
Published: Wednesday, 22nd August 2018 at 11:13 am

Celebrity Big Brother's first nominations are in and – surprise surprise – it's Natalie Nunn and Hardeep Singh Kohli who are at risk of leaving the house this Friday.


The two have been caught up in several arguments, with the Bad Girls Club star taking issue with Hardeep's jokes, saying she found them "offensive", while Hardeep defended them as "satire".

On Monday, the friction between the pair continued when they had a tense conversation about Hardeep cooking the majority of the meals in the house, with Natalie reflecting "he doesn't like me at all" and Hardeep saying he hoped she hadn't felt as if he had pushed anyone else out of the kitchen.

Natalie also complained to her fellow housemates about Hardeep's snoring, saying that it had kept her awake all night.

The housemates went to the Diary Room for nominations, with each person able to choose two people they wanted to evict. Natalie received the most with eight nominations, and Hardeep got six. So they are both up for elimination.

Jermaine Pennant was immune after President Kirstie Alley and Vice-President Ryan Thomas had the power to grant one person immunity.

Emma Willis will be back at CBB on Friday night for this series' first live eviction.


Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5


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