Latest: What has Hardeep Singh Kohili been up to in the house?

Early on in his Celebrity Big Brother stint, Hardeep was caught up in a bit of feud with US reality star Natalie Nunn(mostly of her making) . She wasn't happy with his snoring or what she perceived as him taking over the kitchen to cook – but it didn't last long as Natalie was the first out the door.


Hardeep's main controversy since then has been his fondness for walking around shirtless. This has caused rifts with fellow housemates, including psychic Sally Morgan. The drama has since boiled over into a confrontation, with Sally getting Ryan Thomas involved after Hardeep criticised her bunions (this is serious stuff, people!).

Hardeep has become popular with viewers however, and has won sympathy from those who see him as an underdog thanks to him being put up for eviction numerous times.

Who is Hardeep Singh Kohili?

Broadcaster Hardeep Singh Kohli is one of this summer's Celebrity Big Brother confirmed contestants.

The 49-year-old comedian and TV presenter used to be a roving reporter on The One Show.

The Scottish TV personality has also previously starred on Celebrity MasterChef, Question Time and on BBC Radio 4.

He's written for many national publications as well as performing his stand-up at the Edinburgh Festival. In fact, that's exactly where he was when he got the "last minute" call to appear on Celebrity Big Brother.

So last minute in fact that he had to cancel the rest of his run at the Fringe!

Hardeep Singh Kohli: key facts

Age: 49

Job: Broadcaster


Instagram: @misterhsk