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Stormy Daniels on her Celebrity Big Brother exit: Channel 5 said 'follow the contract to a tee or we’re deporting you in the morning'

The star also says she wanted to give her appearance fee to charity

Published: Monday, 20th August 2018 at 3:43 pm

Stormy Daniels has revealed more details about her early exit from this year’s Celebrity Big Brother – and claimed production threatened to send her home if she did not honour her original contract.


Speaking on Loose Women in an interview filmed on Friday (August 17), Daniels said that although she had subsequently agreed with the show that she would enter the house for a single day, she was then told she must abide by her initial contract or leave the country.

“[The producers] did not want me to go on the live show,” she said. “[They] said that if I would come in the next morning, which would have been this morning [Friday 17th August] and spend all day, that I could then end that day with a diary video thing [Diary Room entry] and explain myself that way.”

Daniels also said this deal was agreed with producers and that she asked for her payment for the day to be donated to charity.

“I was so happy that I volunteered to maybe come back a couple more times for no fee or for a donated fee, meanwhile I’d stay [in the UK] and kind of do some PR stuff and charity work,” she said.

“I thought it was a great way to salvage some of the show, explain in person, apologise in person, not let down the British fans. And most importantly I just really wanted to do something nice and donate to some charities.”

However, according to Daniels, this deal was then broken off. “We agreed to that, the live show started, I stayed at the hotel. They came back a couple of hours later and said, ‘You’re either going to go on and stay in the house, follow the contract to a tee or we’re deporting you in the morning at 6am,’” she claimed.

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“They said, ‘You have to leave and we have to put you on a plane back to your port of origin, you have to leave the country.’”

When asked whether she understood why Channel 5 disputes her comments, Daniels said: “Yes, absolutely. Oh, of course I do.”

Bit On The Side host Rylan Clark-Neal addressed Daniels’ exit on Friday (17th August) on behalf of Channel 5, saying: “The reports that Stormy asked for more money are completely false, and reports that Big Brother sought to control Stormy to achieve a specific outcome are also completely false.

“Five hours before showtime, Stormy informed us that she wished to simply appear on launch night and then leave.

“Big Brother tried to work out a fair compromise with her, but in the end for Big Brother, launch night is about housemates moving into the house, not about celebrities pulling out.”


Celebrity Big Brother continues at 9pm tonight on Channel 5

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