After five years off air, Big Brother will return to our screens this autumn with a brand new reboot airing on ITV.


AJ Odudu and Will Best have been confirmed as joint hosts, and applications have officially closed for this year's line-up.

While we won't know who the contestants are until the new season starts, it was rumoured that some former contestants could make an appearance on the revival. ITV has since denied this, stating that the new show will be a civilian series.

However, there is one person who isn't against the idea of all-star series - Big Brother season 5 winner Nadia Almada.

Speaking exclusively to, Nadia said it would be an "honour" to go back to the show, adding that she'd like to "show the kids how it's done".

Asked whether she'd return, she explained: "I would because I think, not only do I love the show and I think it'll be great, but I have a different perspective from 20 years ago and I want to show the kids how it's done!

"I think I would love to go back to the show because I think it would be an honour to go back and also it's recognition for us pioneers - the founders of what is reality TV, this great phenomenon that we respected and embodied 100 per cent with our body, mind and soul for the whole 12 weeks."

Davina McCall and Nadia Almada on Big Brother season 5
Davina McCall and Nadia Almada on Big Brother season 5 Getty Images

Speaking of the new season, which will run for a shorter period, she continued: "They're having it easy as well, because it's only six weeks for them, so it's I guess it's like a pilot test. For us it was three months, which was the best summer I ever had. I had the best time. I was me. I was real. So would I go back again? Of course I would."

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Nadia would particularly love to go back into the Big Brother house to represent the trans community, saying: "And I think more than ever now, with this disgusting narrative that's been projected in the trans community and within the LGBTQI+ community.

"It's so abhorrent. It's so dehumanising and it's so vulgar that we are dissected by body parts and the narrative and the association that is being manufactured towards our community, it's so revolting. I'm so passionate about that. I think it's important to come and make presence and that visibility and remind people the existence of a human being, rather than dissecting people to body parts and things like that."

Nadia was speaking to The Radio Times on behalf of ICE 36.

Big Brother is expected to air on ITV2 and ITV later this year. Check out more of our Entertainment coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what else is on.


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