Big Brother 2014: Who is Winston Showan?

The 27-year-old from Essex dreams of being a racing car driver and describes himself as "the local Superman"

Name: Winston Showan


Age: 27

From: Essex

Occupation: Model and TV personality

Twitter account? @Winston_Showan

Three things you should know…

* Winston classes himself as “the local Superman” as he’s thoughtful, kind and always there to help others. His mates would describe him as “a bit dippy, unintentionally hilarious, loyal and a party man who’s always up for fun.”

* Winston dreams of one day being a famous racing car driver, although the only sport he plays nowadays is “who can pull the most girls in one night”.

* Big Brother is not Winston’s TV debut. He’s already appeared on ITV2 series Girlfriends – although he is using the house as an opportunity to find love. “It could happen if someone catches my eye.”


And here’s a very professionally produced clip from that very appearance on Girlfriends…