The Apprentice eliminated candidate reveals who they think deserved to be fired

"Even when we lost I was like, surely I'm pretty safe!"

The Apprentice candidates and Lord Sugar

It was another tough week in The Apprentice boardroom, with the second candidate getting fired.


After the boys failed to secure any orders for their “Wiffy The Wizard” children’s toothbrush, it was decided that Conor Gilsenan from London would be going home.

However, Conor doesn’t agree with Lord Sugar’s decision, as he revealed which one of the The Apprentice 2022 candidates he thinks should have been given the boot.

Speaking exclusively to, the sales executive said: “It’s pretty obvious that I shouldn’t have been fired. I honestly think if Aaron was sitting here, he’d have said he should have fired himself!”

During the challenge, Conor came up with the name Wiffy for the toothbrush, which Aaron Willis then designed using the colour brown.

It had been agreed that they’d be going for a gender-neutral brush, but when it came to creating the app, Conor opted for a male character.

Asked if there’s anything he’d have done differently, he said: “When I first came out, I was kicking myself about the name Wiffy, but as time’s gone on, I’m like, ‘Wiffy’s a good name!’ It was actually spelled W-I-F-F-I, but at least I’ll leave and it will be a bit of fun. It’ll be somewhat memorable, going out for no particular reason.”

Despite the boys failing the task against the girls, Conor always thought he was “safe” and didn’t think he’d be going home, with the 28-year-old admitting: “Even when we lost I was like, surely I’m pretty safe!”

On the brown wand design, which was later compared to a turd, he added: “Just to clarify, I had nothing to do with the logo and the toothbrush, so I was kind of left with a puzzle.”


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