Anton Stephans likens X Factor to queuing for a bus: “I’ve queued the longest”

Simon Cowell's last remaining Overs act jokes that he doesn't want to see anyone pushing in front of him as he insists he wants to "win more"

Singer Anton Stephans has likened his desire for winning X Factor to queuing for a bus. Stay with him, it makes sense.


“In England we like queuing don’t we? When you’re queuing for the bus, if someone steps in front of you after you’ve been queuing a long time, don’t you get annoyed? Well, imagine how I feel,” Anton laughed, the singer having used the competition as a chance to move from backing singing to solo work. “They’re all really lovely and all really marvellous,” the Londoner added of his competitors, but he says it’s his time.

“I’ve been in this queue a little bit longer and I’ve been patient. I’m not bitter about it at all. But I really don’t want anyone cutting in…” the 45-year-old added, his roaring laugh filling the room.

“I want to win more.” 

I pointed out that he’s already won one part of the competition: being the last Overs act in Simon Cowell’s category. 

“OK I’ll take that, thank you” he grinned. “It feels great. It’s an enormous pleasure to have gotten to this stage. To say that’s all I want would be a lie. There’s so much more I want to do and so much more to be a part of,” he admitted.

Anton’s promised that if does indeed get to the front of that bus queue he won’t headbutt Simon Cowell again. Admitting he felt “absolutely awful” after his over-excited celebrations actually left Cowell with a bruised face, Anton attempted to discuss the feeling, before realising not many could relate. 

“Oh my god I felt absolutely awful. You know that feeling when you think – well no I don’t think you would – you’ve not hit a mogul…” 


The X Factor continues Saturday and Sunday at 8:00pm on ITV