Alex and Ellie clash in Love Island showdown

Could it all be over for Doctor Love and the girl he coupled up with just days ago?

Alex and Ellie argue in Love Island

Love Island’s Doctor Love and latecomer Ellie look set for a heated clash in the villa as they sit down to discuss their troubled courtship.


Alex chose to couple up with Ellie following a week of encouragement from his fellow Islanders, plucking up the courage to kiss her on the first date and giving her a proper snog a few days later after being egged on by Adam and Jack.

Dani Dyer, Love Island (ITV, EH)

Ellie initially seemed to respond positively but as the days went by she expressed her concerns about the “staged” nature of their kisses and her worries that they were under too much pressure to actually hit it off.

Now, that tension is set to come to a head as Ellie tells the girls that she doesn’t have a sexual attraction to him.

Alex, frustrated with the way in which their relationship is, or rather is NOT, progressing vents to Dani and Laura before sitting down for a heated discussion with Ellie about the whole sorry mess.

Will Doctor Love EVER find his ideal woman? And what will Ellie have to say about it all?


Love Island airs on ITV2 at 9pm