Britain's Got Talent is (rather usefully) jam-packed with talent tonight, from stunning ballet dancers to an act rather coolly dubbed 'Game of Thrones with crash mats'.


There's plenty of emotion, too. I defy you not to get soppy when even bubbly host Ant McPartlin is reduced to tears.

Here's a taster...

Ben Blaque

Simon Cowell's expression says it all, but this crossbow-wielding performer is quite something to witness. Not only does he involved the boss in his antics, at one point he uses only a phone's camera to determine where he's shooting his arrows...

Richard Bayton

Oh, Richard. He's been on BGT before, but he's not one to be brought down by a buzzer from Simon Cowell. He's got an exclusive performance for the judges, which sees him cleverly mash one song into another. And with that funky top, he's surely en route for a better judging response this year, right?

Sam & Hector

Well, it's safe to say these two gymnasts don't spend a lot of time lounging in front of the television. Sam, 14, and Hector, 12, hail from Kent and have been performing for two years together. Will the judges bend over backwards to get them through?

Shannon and Peter

Married couple Shannon and Peter are retired professional ballet teachers who adore performing together. They're also quite the adorable couple, with Shannon admitting she fell in love with Peter after simply seeing a picture of him. She knew, she said, that one day she'd marry him. Altogether now, ahhhhh....

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See Britain's Got Talent tonight from 8pm on ITV