Past housemates set to return as ‘Timebomb’ hits Big Brother 2015

Emma Willis and Rylan Clark reveal a new time-shifting theme that could see former contestants set foot in the Mad-Men style house

You’d think Big Brother would have run out of ideas by now, but there’s yet another new twist for this year’s civilian edition of the series – and it could be the best yet. Why? Well, the new “timebomb” theme opens up the possibility that a whole host of familiar Big Brother contestants could return.


Yes, time will be fluid inside the BB house this summer (Tuesday 12th May at 9pm to be precise). As understands it, former civilian housemates – and perhaps even some celebrity ones – may be brought back in by the master of the house. 

Here’s hoping 2006 housemate Nikki Grahame appears with her beloved “Who IS she?!” line for all of the new BB dwellers. Heck, perhaps even Bit On The Side host Rylan will have to go back in? And who knows how Marcus Bentley will know what day it is.

The hosts – with Emma Willis back for the main show – promise all manner of ups and downs in the house as Big Brother plays with the concept of time. Day will become night, days will turn into weeks and then rewind.

Apparently even the future will be a muddle. We’ll be intrigued to see how they pull off that trick. Perhaps with a DeLorean? Here’s betting there’ll be some sleep deprivation – always good for a feisty argument.

At least the setting will be glamorous because there’ll be Mad Men-style living quarters, although Don Draper is probably not included – more’s the pity.

There’s a brand new eye of course. We’ll leave the horologists to decipher the meaning of it:

In the trailer, which appears to be channelling The Matrix, Rylan seems to be rather good at tracking unknown sources of national disturbance, while Emma writes up equations to rival Einstein and flees in style (and all while wearing heels): 


Big Brother: Timebomb Live Launch is on Tuesday 12th May at 9pm on Channel 5