Oxford University really, really want Taylor Swift to speak at their prestigious Union.

In fact, they want the 1989 hitmaker so badly they've creating the ultimate invite, using a mash-up formed from the likes of Stephen Fry, Patrick Stewart, Morgan Freeman, Ian McKellen – even Sepp Blatter – in an attempt to persuade her.


We watched it twice just to laugh at Piers Morgan admit "I've got nothing in my brain".

The video also includes the likes of activist Malala Yousafzai, Gangnam Style singer Psy, Game of Thrones' Jack Gleeson and scientist Richard Dawkins and was originally created to advertise the union to new students.

But now it's found a higher purpose. Union president Charles Vaughan is determined to lure Swift – an international cultural icon" – to Oxford's debating chamber.

"She's a wonderful person to listen to," he explained. "Whenever we have a speaker we try to work with them to make sure we talk about an issue which is close to their hearts. If Taylor – fingers crossed – actually accepts the invitation, then we can have that conversation."

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