Despite being punched in the arm by Tom Jones and having his chair break down, it seems Olly Murs is keen to return to The Voice UK.


The coach, who was new to the show for 2018, told that he had already had discussions with ITV about returning next year and "without a doubt" he wanted to retain his seat for series eight.

"We’ve had initial talks with ITV," he told us. "They’ve said they’d love me to come back – I’d love to come back. So until it’s all signed, sealed, delivered – we’ll see. But without a doubt I’d love to stay and come back.

"I can’t wait to do it again," he added. "I hope I come back for many years."

Olly also said that his experience of being a coach on the show had "definitely exceeded my expectations".

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"Being around TV for as long as I have, the schedules and everything can be quite crazy," he said. "But it’s been so easy. The team behind the scenes, the production, ITV. It’s been flawless and really good fun. And this year we have found super talent."

But what about the other three coaches?

Jennifer Hudson joined the show as a coach last year, and it was recently revealed that she would soon be playing Aretha Franklin in an upcoming movie biopic of the icon's life.

So with such a busy schedule, will she still be able to come back for the show next year?

"You know what, it's a good problem to have," she explained. "To know that I am literally that busy! Yes I want to – I definitely want to return. I'll keep my chair warm. And if welcomed back, I want to come back."

As for Tom Jones? "I’d love to come back next year. I love doing this show. It really is – every part of it is different. It never gets old."

Advertisement, on the other hand, was a bit more coy and wouldn't give us a straight answer. Intriguing...