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Olly Murs’ chair has a technical fault and breaks down at a crucial moment on The Voice UK

With just moments left of one act's song, Olly pressed his button. But his chair failed to turn around...

The Voice UK Olly Murs
Published: Saturday, 27th January 2018 at 4:51 pm

Poor Olly Murs isn't having much luck in his debut year on The Voice UK.


Last week he was getting punched in the arm by Tom Jones, and this week his chair fails to turn around after suffering from a mechanical failure right at a crucial moment.

In the dying moments of one act's performance, Murs hurriedly pushes his button just in time for the song to end.

The white lights appear but his chair doesn't spin round, leaving Olly shouting “I pressed it, I pressed it!” and looking a bit perplexed.

Thankfully, his intentions were registered in time and his chair was (eventually) turned around to see the act he pushed his button for, ensuring their place on the programme.

A show source told “It was a fault with the motor mechanism in the chair.

"Olly did press his button within the time.”


The Voice UK airs 8pm Saturday 27th January on ITV


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